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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Spells for on the go

                                       "to bind the spell every time,
                          let the spell be spake in rhyme"
                            -the Wiccan Rede

 i try and stick to this rule as much as i can.
i use it as a way to differentiate between the words used in spells and prayers.
anyhow, thats just another note. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Story to go with spell
(skip as needed, i dont mind)
          one night, almost a year ago i blew out a tire on my car near my friend Phippes's house and had to have a service guy come out and change it. i drive a mini cooper, and it always seems NO ONE can figure out how anything works, including this nice man.
he was struggling to get the job done, and i hurried to Phippes to grab a flashlight.
long story short, it was really cold out and i wanted it all done.
so as i was getting the flashlight, i quickly wrote this spell in my head and chanted it over and over.
"Great Lady, i can not think in rhyme.
help the work be done in quick time!"
and by the time i had gotten back to my beloved car, the service man had found out what needed to be done, and was half finish the job.

Another quick spell. (again, skip if you wish it)
  • i was to go court ( to get justice for myself as a victim ) and my ex boyfriend Sam was my witness.
  • he was subpoenaed and would be in contempt of court if he didnt show
  • Sam is not reliable to the extreme. 60/40 he wouldnt be there
"Goddess all spells must be spake in rhyme,
Please have Sam show up in time.
For his sake, not for mine"

i again chanted over and over whilst watching for him. he got there by the skin of his teeth!

so, come up with a quick, short, rhyme when your in need. simple works just as well as complex, with your inner Magick. 

if you're having trouble rhyming in your spell, use a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus.

if you dont feel that its necessary to rhyme in your spell, then dont.
use your will power.

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