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Saturday, March 12, 2011

to wash magickal tools

Magickal Dish Soap
- homegrown

     it just never felt right to wash my ritual tools off with the same soap and brush that i wash my cereal bowls out with.So i made this for when washing a new magickal tool .
     its not for consecrating a tool alone, but is to be used to clean off any dirt, dust, wax, or whatever, before you consecrate.  for example, when you have just bought some jars to hold herbs, and they need a little rinsing out. you can also use it for things that dont need to be consecrated at that time, but still need a cleaning. wax coverd candle holders and such.

you will need
  • a pump jar ( best to keep it glass, or at least anything not plastic. i bought a glass bathroom hand-soap pump jar. you can get them anywhere, like Target)
  • a base dish washing liquid, unscented and as natural as possible.(some soap will solidify when mixed with salt, and/or ess oils. test small amounts first)
  • Essential (Ess) oil of Rose otto/attar
  • Ess oil of Rosemary
  • Ess oil of Clary Sage*
  • Red Sandalwood powder
  • Sage powder
  • Sea Salt (unpowdered. big enough peices that they wont clog up the pump)

  1. pour the sea salt into the jar. the amount depends on how big the jar is. about 1/5 is a good bet, but do as much as feels right
  2. drip a few drops of each of the Ess oils. in this case, less is more. i did about 3 drops each.
  3. fill up the rest of the jar with the base soap
  4. add a very small pinch of both the two powders. again less is more, you dont want to stop up the pump.
  5. shake and make sure that the soap flows nicely. Shake as needed before use.

the red sandalwood powder dyes the soap red.
red is said to scare away evil spirits, so thats just an extra i guess.
no sink-ghosts for me!!
(wow, thats stupid)
Another thought; i found some homemade natural kitchen scrubbers at an Amish market. find/make your own, or at least set aside a sponge or whatever used only for magickal cleaning.

of course feel free to choose your own ess oils, herbs, and such to add instead. the ess oils and powders i chose were all for their purification qualities. the only thing i will stress you need is the sea salt (well the soap helps to, but duh.) Play with the recipe until it feels right.

let me know how it goes, and/or changes you've made

*Clary Sage, prolonged inhalatoin may cause headache. (source from "Magical Aromatherapy", Scott Cunningham)