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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dip Candle Making.

Candles cost way to much. and since i try and get the purest of waxes, they cost even more. in fact i cut most of my candles (tapers, and pillars) in half horizontally, so i have more candles. so today i finally made my own wax tapers! this post will explain how to make wax dip candles in your kitchen.but also the recipe to make my "Lovegood Candles" (to bring new friends in your life)

 "Lovegood Candles"
burn to call new friends into your life

for basic candles you will need 
[note: this will be very messy. expect everything to be covered in wax.]
  • bees'wax ( comes in solid blocks, and in little "beads" )
  • wick ( get at a craft store )
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • Saucepan
  • cooking pot
  • clean tin can (i had some soup last night for dinner, and then used the can today)
  • one stick or dowel to hold the candles
  • something to stir the wax ( i used both another stick, but also a fork)
  • stove top
  • baking soda (in case of fire)
  • wax coloring, or crayons
  • dried herbs
  • Ess Oil
to make Lovegood Candles, Add:
  • dried Lavender flowers
  • dried Valerian root
  • Ess oil of Lavender
  1. fill the saucepan with water and bring it to a simmer.
  2. start to fill the can with the bees'wax. if you got it in a solid form you'll need to chop it up. the smaller the pieces, the faster they'll melt. do not put all the wax you intend to use in all at once.
  3. try and float the tin can on top on the water. this is the goal of most of the process, getting the can to float as well as it will. its all about balancing the amount of wax against the height of the water. at some point you may need to switch to the cooking pot from the saucepan
  4. with the stick, stir the wax as it melts and add more pieces from time to time. pay fuckin' attention to the heat of both the water and the wax! do not let the water boil, and keep trying to keep the balancing act up. add more wax to the can, add more water to the pot. after all the wax is melted keep the can floating,and keep the water simmering.
  5. cut out a length of wick. long enough to wrap it a few times around the dowel/stick and dangle down to become the two tapers. [figure 1]
  6. holding the dowel, dip the two wicks into the wax and let it sit for a few seconds. pull them back out and wait for the wax to harden another few seconds. repeat 3 or 4 times
  7. after the first 4 dips or so, start dipping the candles into cold water in between wax dips.
  8. dip as many times as you want. if the tapers get lumpy, roll them on a hard surface (like you would when making a snake out of Play doe) do not let the two candles stick together.
  9. when the candles are the size you want, flatten the bottoms. hang up the candles to dry completely. if you want to save the unused wax, pour into a box or bowl lined with tin foil. when its dry you can wrap it up in the foil. peel off the foil when you want to use it again.

(badly drawn, figure 1)

Above is Basic Candles.
 to make "Lovegood Candles"
  1. mix a little bit of the lavender flowers and valerian roots. be careful, if the candles have to much plant matter, they will blaze.
  2. add to the melted wax at step 5, above
  3. drip some of the Lavender Ess oil
  4. stir it all up, focusing on "stiring" new friends into your life
  5. continue on to step 6
this is also the time you would add any other herbs, oils, or the colors you wish.

i decided to keep them lumpy. heh, they look like chodes
"hung like a tuna can" as my friend says.

this is a photo of a different angle,
where they look completely the same.
still perfect!

 to add some side notes. soon after moving into my little house, i awoke one night with my stove on fire. so after that was all taken care of, i inscribed the magick SATOR square on the wall in my kitchen. it is said to help prevent fire disaster. makes sense to me to include this idea with this post. put it up near anywhere you use fire. kitchen, alter, or just near candles.


"the element
of 5000 spells"
Judika Illes

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